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Ancient, Scenic, Attractive and beautiful places around the hotel

Matara Fort

Matara Fort Build by the Dutch around 1640 is a fortification of a Portuguese garrison.

The Old Dutch church is an interesting and one of the oldest structures in the fort. The Star fort built in a shape of a star has been built to provide additional protection to the main fort across the river. [Few Meters away from the hotel]

Dondra Light house

Just 5km away from the hotel. Dondra head is the southern most point of Sri Lanka. The 160 feet high light house is located in a beautiful garden. This is the place which is only highest light house in south Asia.

Polhena Beach

Beautiful beach in southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Travelers can enjoy safe swimming as a pool. [Few Meters away from the hotel]

Blow Hole

The blow hole or "Hummanaya" in Mawella, Dickwella, is and attractive natural feature. See spray splashes up to 40-50 feet during the monsoon period and attracts many foreign and local tourists [About 16 Meters away from the hotel]

Ahangama and Midigama

Ahangama and Midigama are two still fishing location in the area. The fisherman rest on the stills fixed on shallow water and use Rods for Fishing. This fishing method is using only here in the word.

Dondra Devalaya

Dondra or Devinuwara 5km away from the hotel. He shrine dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu at Devinuwara is a popular local attraction. The annual festival held in July/August is the major event of the temple.

Weherahena Temple

A large Buddha statue here is painted with very bright colours. There are hundreds of stores and there you can see the shrine room in which the walls are decorated with the murals depicting the Buddha’s life [Few Meters away from the hotel]

Wevurukannala Temple

The largest seated Buddha statue is 50m height. An old eight story built in exists here and you can climb to the top of the building. Inside the building walls are painted to show event of the Buddha’s life. There are life size graphics of sinners and the ways of punishing them. [About 14 Meters away from the hotel]